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The BioAlpine Convention was last held in 2008, but the constituent organizations and individuals continue to network and pursue the goals that made the BioAlpine Convention so necessary.

While the current owners of this website are not affiliated with either the BioAlpine Convention or any of the members’ current activities or organizations, we are happy to preserve as much of the original information as possible, while (if time allows) presenting updates of interest to the BioAlpine community network, and anyone who may have been directed to these pages while searching for biotech information.

Attention all golfing families! We’re currently raising funds via a sweepstakes aimed at the golfing community. AllKidsGolfClubs has offered to provide a generous prize of several sets of 5 childrens golf clubs along with a number of accessories that will inspire any child interested in getting started with the game. Conference attendance is NOT a requirement. Tickets are only $10. Contact Greg Martin at for details.

There is a full roster of biotech events scheduled for 2010, all across the globe. There’s no shortage of exciting new trends and developments in the various biotech (and related) industries, so we’ll be extremely busy keeping you up to date on the major meetings, conventions, consortia and conundrums in the biotechnology world. For instance, biotechnology is in the forefront designing, fabricating and fitting high quality prosthetic and orthotic devices for all sorts of patients’ needs. Each prosthesis or orthosis is custom designed for each patient with many factors in mind. Interestingly, even wigs and other hair alternatives are part of the mix for meeting patients needs. Many people will initially get fitted for either synthetic or human hair wigs professionally at a land based store. But once a person is comfortable with selecting hair alternatives, they will often then go on to buy their wigs at online wig stores. For those of you who are not familiar with hair alternatives, human hair wigs offer for the ultimate in style, luxury, and for many people, most importantly realism. Since human hair wigs can be heated with flat or curling irons, the styling possibilities allow women and men to change their look according to their mood. Human hair wigs offer unprecedented longevity when compared to their synthetic wig counterparts. Consequently, many women are willing to pay the higher cost for a human hair wig. But the higher cost does prevent many from being able to afford them. That’s were the new technology comes in. Companies like Estetica wigs from have perfected synthetic hair wigs that come with the look of human hair without the price. We live in amazing times where hair products – whether they are made from synthetic fibers or human hair are advancing in what seems like leaps and bounds with new advances in synthetic fibers and cap constructions.

As usual, the schedule is dominated by the unstoppable biopharma juggernaut, so we’ll have plenty for those of you who are interested in the relationships between drug companies, venture capital, and related parties looking for partnerships. 2009 turned into a flurry of activity (due to biotech NOT imploding, the venture money NOT drying up, and a number of high-profile drug patents nearing the end of their useful life) and 2010 looks to reap as many if not more juicy results.

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