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There’s also plans to provide unique gift baskets to all conference attendees – the promoters have told me in great detail how special these baskets will be – that they will be filled with numerous gourmet savory and sweet treats along with bottles of fabulous Napa Valley wines from some of its renown boutique wineries north of San Francisco. What better way to settle in at the World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science than by relaxing with a glass of one of California;s signature wines and some Pacific smoked salmon, herb encrusted crackers, Busseto dry salami, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, sun dried tomato basil cheese straws, and some delicious cookie selections. My understanding is that it was thought that attendees could entertain fellow conference attendees in their rooms allowing them to network and share ideas. I applaud the Fairmont San Francisco for their generosity and I will definitely enjoy my complimentary gift baskets while relaxing on the slot machines.


2-4 BioMalaysia 2010 — Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Probably still recovering from BioMalaysia 2009, so details are still somewhat sparse about this rapidly-growing biotech conference (which usually centers around agriculture, healthcare, and industry).

10-12 20th Neuropharmacology Conference — San Diego, USA. “High Resolution Neuropharmacology: Structure Changes the Paradigm” Very Specific, but a can’t-miss conference if you’re interested in drug research and development.


11-14 International Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer: Proliferation, Differentiation, and Apoptosis (ICSC-2010) — Pune, India. Great destination for biotech academics and professionals who focus on stem cell and gene therapy research.

16-17 3rd International Conference on Science and Technology (ICSTIE 2010) — Gurney Resort Hotel & Residence, Penang, Malaysia. Biochemistry and biopharma head the list, but biotech in general will be a common theme among many related topics.

More on Monsanto

It is difficult to figure out how much of the opposition to Monsanto comes from fears of progress and change, and how much comes from a natural knee jerk resistance to big corporations and big government. There’s plenty of reason to believe that the promise of biotech can be realized without the constant corruption, coercion, and destruction of life and liberty that’s emerged as Monsanto’s standard operating procedure.

Human Rights Watch author Kim Kuh is a civil rights lawyer.

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If the focus of Monsanto had to be pinpointed a good place to start would be Farmers. It is the goal of Monsanto to help farmers meet the growing needs of the growing population. As the population grows it strains the food source more and more. There is more methane production with the increased production of more cattle. Also more produce must be grown each year that there are more people on the planet. Anyone taking a serious look at the growth we are experiencing as a planet can not argue the very serious problems with food production which will have to be overcome in order to continue to feed everyone enough to sustain life. Without new techniques the future looks like a harsh existence for most of us.

Hopefully things will change & we can fix the issue.