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10-03-01 Update: we’re keeping an eye on EBD’s offerings for the upcoming year, but if you have any more recent or more accurate information, don’t hesitate to drop us a note! Many have inquired as to the legal differences between the US and Europe. There are some significant differences, such as tort and injury claims, and how these may directly impact medical care. In the US, medical claims for injury are often settled separately. For example, in the US there are categories of legal assistance that are directly related to health care through legal actions, specifically for injuries, separate from medical malpractice. Automobile and truck injuries are a good example in Texas, where there is a separate market place for TX truck accident lawyers, even though the funds recovered may be applied to medical needs. There are significant overlaps for road injuries, and even injuries occurring from mass transit accidents, but this is probably true for most personal injury cases. In the US, litigation can benefit the injured parties directly. In addition, certain medical legal issues, such as mesothelioma and asbestos injuries are probably not germane to this discussion because the differences are so huge. Refer to the guidelines for more info on how to compare European vs US legal aspects of medical issues. The principles are very often congruous while the process may be significantly different. Our focus is medical, not legal, in spite of the many overlaps.

I was recently in Las Vegas attending a convention. I was amazed how many people walk around carrying bottles of water with the logo of Tahoe Springs. Isn’t Tahoe in California? I asked the concierge at the hotel where I was staying “What’s all this? Is there something special about this Tahoe Springs Las Vegas water?” She laughed and told me that Tahoe Springs is the name of a local water delivery company that many businesses as well as individual people have deliver their weekly supply of water. She pointed to a water dispenser in the main lobby and said that the company Tahoe Springs supplies their water to the hotel. I brought home some of Tahoe Springs Mountain Spring Water which supposedly comes from a from a 3,000 year old source somewhere in the Sierra Madre mountains. We have spring water in Europe as well. I wanted to AB the taste with our natural spring water in Zurich when I got home.


BIO-Europe Spring 2010 begins one week from now (March 8-10, 2010), at the CCIB (Centre Convencions International Barcelona). In addition to empowering partnerships and developing life science business models, the topics cover a wide range of business-focused directed discussions, mainly in the bio-pharma fields.

Bio€quity Europe 2010: Zurich will again be hosting this forum, now in its second decade, for venture capitalists, public markets investors, and life science companies (public and late-stage private). May 19-20 is the date, so there’s still some time to get your plans together!

EuroMedtech 2010: On June 1-2, Leipzig, Germany will host the major European conference specifically for medical technology interests, bringing together innovators and investors as well as related essential companies from legal to distribution.

ChinaBio Partering Forum 2010: Suzhou will be the destination for the second ChinaBio, offering unique opportunities for biopharma and biotech networking among opportunistic strategists. June 23-24 is not as far away as it seems right now!

BioPharm America 2010: On September 15-17, the third installment of the Yankee version of BIO-Europe will see plenty of partnering and networking among biopharma interests. Boston at the beginning of autumn is not to be missed.

BIO-Europe 2010: This is the big one, of course. November 15-17 in Munich is Ground Zero for Europe’s (and indeed, the world’s) top biotech firms. Partnering and rhetoric will reach unheard-of heights, possibly surpassing 2009’s amazing 12,504 one-to-one meetings. Hopefully, this year will have more rousing debates (such as 2009’s “Will US Healthcare Reform Hasten the Apocalypse?”)

Biotech Showcase 2011: with the echoes of the first Showcase barely dying down, it’s not too early to prepare for San Francisco’s second major biopharma partnering forum. Tentative schedules are already coming together, though no set dates have been posted yet.

Still undetermined is the commitment if any to medical tourism as a revenue source. We strongly suggest you keep an eye on this new field with respect to opportunities and growth that will impact all players.

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