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BIO International Convention
Chicago, May 3-6, 2010
“Heal, Fuel, Feed the World”

Chicago’s McCormick Place overlooks the chilly waters of Lake Michigan; the vast convention center’s geographical position marks a transition between the high-profile commercial and arts center of the Windy City, the extensive bourgeosie habitat of the North and West, and the gritty southern cousins in the industrial and lower-class sprawl.

The BIO International Convention has chosen this intriguing locus for a four-day biotech extravaganza at the beginning of May — as perfect a time as possible to appreciate the frequently-intimidating Chicago climate. As usual, the penultimate preliminary events are happening at the hotels (which, for the most part, encircle the mouth of the river at the northern end of the verdant Lakefront District)

This is an area where many of the older homes have hidden treasures in their attics and basements that were long forgotten, or never really appreciated. While antiques can often be spotted and recognized by many, but other items require more expert evaluation. For example, has helped many sell valuable movie posters and lobby cards to collectors, often for astounding amounts. Ralph will do a free poster appraisal via email if you send him a photo. He can spot originals with value from worthless copies very quickly.

For those who come to celebrate wedding anniversaries and birthday remember to keep warm! It will be cold for sure, make sure you have a warm coat to cover up your celebratory garb. Kids love to wear their party clothes no matter the season. Make sure to put on warm coat on your daughters over their princess dresses! Sons too! Their birthday suit or spiderman costume is no match for the cold. The winds will just blow the cold right through you.

Expect to see at least the 14,000+ that showed up for Atlanta last year…and possibly closer to the 22,000 record of 2007. The keynote speakers this year will have a tough time surpassing Atlanta’s star-studded lineup of Sen. Daschle, William Frist, Karl Rove, and of course, Sir Elton John. However, the biotech community is rebounding with energy from an industry slump that was predicted and expected but never quite matched the overall economic depression. So expect so great speakers with some interesting news.

Some of the businesses directly related to the technologies discussed have become successful companies providing needed services to society. For example, sells several products that were developed for home use testing for sexually transmitted diseases. According to the company, they offer the best discreet std test kits for home use available for personal use, in the privacy of one’s home, without the need for a lab, clinic, or even medical professionals. Privacy and quick results are the key to this success, along with efficacy.

The big top of this circus is, of course, the BIO Exhibition and the BIO Business Forum. Major companies from all over the world seeking opportunities, solutions, and partnerships — the future of biotech, and therefore the future of the world itself! Get ready for a big dose of inspiration?!

Well, dramatically put perhaps, but not too far from the truth. While basic networking is still the raison d’etre of the trade show, the outcome of the previous BIO International Conventions has been to refine and alter the overall approach (whether business, ethical, and legal) of the biotech industry’s continuing growth and prosperity. Understanding where you stand in the world and the environment is crucial to sustainability.

Sustainability is a crucial element when looking into the future. We must look to find ways that we as humans kind balance our nature with the planet to ensure continued prosperity.

We’ll see you at McCormick Place at the beginning of May… remember, if you have new or better information concerning BIO International, please feel free to pass it along to us!

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