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However, we at this site tend to be more interested in the environmental and agricultural aspects of biotechnology, with industrial and technological aspects taking second place. Bioengineering and bioremediation remain our chief focus, though there is understandably less of a ‘convention circuit’ surrounding these fields.

You may have heard of the innovative biological toilet paper from Papernet that is good for the pipes, your wallet and the environment. This biotech toilet paper is available in Europe through Papernet, which has the exclusive European rights. Hopefully it will soon be part of wholesale toilet paper products that are currently available in the US. We are not sure when North America will have access to this incredible biotech toilet paper, but one e-commerce site that sells both wholesale and retail toilet paper that is worth checking out is Papernet’s biotech toilet paper is an amazing product that clearly demonstrates how biotechnology is changing the world. It contains five different types of good microorganisms, which are completely harmless and remove incrustations and smelly substances from sewage pipes. The constant use of Biotech toilet paper reduces the need for the mechanical cleaning of sewerage systems, thus reducing maintenance costs. With the simple action of throwing Biotech toilet paper into the toilet bowl, flushing waste is transformed into an action of respect for the environment. Look for the Papernet booth at the convention.

We’ll cover in fair depth the all-important BIO-Europe and BIO International conventions, which largely overlaps the BioAlpine Convention in both topics covered and attendee distribution. Expanding our range a bit, we have a more-or-less comprehensive schedule of the major biotech-oriented conferences and conventions all over the world for the next year.

A quick-start to biotechnology is also provided (which, we must admit, barely scratches the surface and will be helpful only to absolute beginners in the field…and perhaps not even then). We were also motivated to produce a quick overview of the┬áMonsanto Company, which pretty much sums up the least attractive facets of the field of biotechnology.

We hesitated doing so without also providing a selection of the many companies and organizations that are pursuing a more promising path — but trust us, they are out there.

** Update **

The importance of getting this new, updated, better technology in place can not be stressed enough. As much feedback and assistance as can be offered will gladly be accepted. No one person, party or organization can complete the movement on it own. If headway is to be made it will only come through group effort and monumental effort. The ground we gain will be hard earned but well worth it in the end of all things. Thank you for taking some of your valuable time with us on the matter at hand…